Thursday, 30 June 2016

Genymotion: Set a location in Running Emulator

Hae there, this is probably one of the simplest things i get to do while running a project that requires location.
By default, a running genymotion virtual device location is disabled and it's usually preset at latitude =65.9667 and longitude = -18.5333

How to enable the location service and adding a custom location.

1. Open Genymotion,

2. Run a virtual device - i like using Google nexus 6 - API 22

3. On the side menu of the emulator, click on the GPS, and a GPS window will popup.

4. Turn the GPS on notice the default latitude and longitude values, those are the onces we are going to change

5. Get the co-ordinate of a place 

- Click here, then scroll down the page, Enter the name of the place you want e.g Technical University of Kenya and press Get GPS Coordinates.
latitude will be = -1.292001
and longitude is= 36.824594

- Copy the latitude and longitude and paste it to the virtual device GPS respectively, leave the rest to default.

- Close the GPS popup window, then you'll be good to go,

*** In case you want the emulator to virtualize your location as if your moving, just get other coordinates and enter them, you'll notice the location changing on the map in real time***

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